" Playgroup, Nursery, Jr Kg, Sr Kg, Daycare and many more activities. "

A place where your kids would not just gain preschool education but will also enjoy their time in the best daycare nearby you. From this they will grow with values and knowledge and will also get a chance to discover new things in a different and interesting way.

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Why We?

We are proud to be the best preschool near you by offering your kids the best education along with extra curricular activities for an all-round development of children.
Kids learn discipline & patience which helps in grooming themselves for a bright & successful future.


What we Teach ?

As we provide the best kindergarten activities we also give the best preschool learning experience. Be it alphabets or numbers your child will always ace in it. And when it comes to family gatherings he/she will always win hearts with their poem singing and story telling skills.


We not just serve your children the best preschool curriculum or the best preschool activities but we also make them experience every small and big events in our day to day life and we help them add respect and values to these events as well

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About Us

Mrs. Nehali Parab started with this organization in the year 2001 where in our aim was to provide best preschool curriculum with great activities. Kidszone is not only the most affordable preschool but is also the best and the top rated preschool for your kids. We don’t only have the best preschool teachers or the best preschool activities but we also provide the best preschool learning program/experience to you and your kids.


Let’s have a walk

When you walk with us you will see what facilities we will be providing your kids with and what vibe will they be in and how their security and their care will be our utmost priority.
And as per your kids mood swings you can visit us anytime and you are always welcome.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

We call it Our because it’s not just us alone or you alone in it but we all are in this together helping our little ones learn, grow and explore.
We assure you to not only keep your kids with us without any fear but we also give you the guarantee of your kid growing healthy mentally and physically with us.


Brain Development

They might like alot of things at the same time and would be confused about choosing but we will surely help them develop in choosing be it their favorite poem or their favorite drawing.


Reading and Writing might bore your kids but no worries we have fun art and crafts sessions also for them to make them feel like an artist.


Here your kids will learn their first alphabets, first words, first numbers, first poems, first stories and much more.
And as we know every “firsts” matters so we would make sure the experience is just the best for them.

Critical Thinking

Being in the Best Preschool you would always want them to be grounded which comes under grooming but guess what we have got your back.
We would always teach them to be great full to what they have received till date and even after receiving, to be grounded here after.

Why should you choose Us?

We are not only the best preschool in Worli, Byculla, Sewree, Kalachowki but we are the best in South Mumbai. We also will be the best preschool learning center and will help them learn, grow and explore new things every day.

How are we different from others?

We not only help your kids learn but we also groom them and when it comes to having fun we make sure that you and your kid together will participate in preschool activities and would enjoy your time with them even outside your homes.

Will there be commuting service?

Yes we not only serve you with the best preschool education and the best preschool activities but your kids safety also matters to us so yes we have commuting service so that you can wave your kid with a smile and welcome them back with a much bigger smile.

Will our kids be safe?

Yes. As we serve the best education we also have the best teachers and the best staff to take care of your little ones on their happy as well as cranky days.

What location can I have choices for?

You actually can, there are total 4 branches in the southern Mumbai region

  • Byculla
  • Kalachowky
  • Sewree
  • Worli (New Kids Planet)

Which are convenient in traveling wise as well.


What Our, Chotu’s Families are Saying!

It is the best preschool you can think of sending your kids to. They make sure that your child is not only safe but also enjoying their own time at the playschool.

I got to know about this kindergarten from a friend of mine and the only concern for me was will my child be safe if I’m putting my money in it, but hands down on the security under which my child grew and it was of course an affordable daycare near me to be honest with giving the most convenient preschool education. I’d further suggest to everyone else because it was surely the best nursery in Mumbai or South Mumbai to be specific.

I wouldn’t have even chosen something better than this one. I’d say it was the best preschool in India for my kid with so much of fun and learning sessions and so much fun elements for both, parents and kids. I’m so happy of being a part of Kidszone Family

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